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                      Carolyn McDaniel                    Events Coordinator

Our clients provide local and regional health and wellness events with an emphasis on  TAKING ACTION! 



 If you and or the company you work for are a business that cares about the health of your customers, contact us today for more information about how you can become a participant in this

              "first of its kind" 

WHOLE body health conference.  


 Life isn't about waiting around to see what happens~  

Its about MAKING 

things happen.










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The Headache and Pain Center 

"TAKE ACTION" Health Conference



Headache and Pain Center

"Take Action"  Health Conference

                                             October 26th, 27th & 28th, 2015                                                                                                      


The goal of Take Action! is to offer easy-to-use tools and concepts for total self-improvement at the individual level while encouraging and strengthening the practice of prevention.

Our conference is geared toward local, regional and national health professionals and community members of all backgrounds who want and need the tools to get and stay healthy – mentally, physically and financially.

We expect more than 1,500 individuals to participate in this first-of-its kind, whole-body health conference.

More than 45 businesses will be in attendance for the conference and the following job fair (which is expected to generate interest in more than 1,000 additional community members)

We are excited to offer this one of a kind experience. 





For more information about how you or your company can become

a participant visit:               








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