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Under the canopy of Miracle Studio 369 you will find the most beneficial seminars and workshops designed to empower your life.

Our carefully selected professional speakers and coaches will guide you on a journey of new self discovery as you learn how your thoughts, your body, your world, and your individual health are all controlled by you and your thinking patterns.

Join together with others as you realize your unlimited potential. Learn truths that will add value and quality to your life that will be with you from the event day forward. 

Our workshops give you the tools necessary to finally take complete control of your life so that you can create and live the life of your dreams. 

If you could change one thing about your life that would make the most sense in helping you become the ultimate you, what would that be? 

Bring your answer and Join us for one of our upcoming events: TBA-COMING SOON

"I'm hoping you'll realize your BEST self yet. 

May our paths one day unite on this road of peace, love and unlimited personal potential".

Much Love,   "C"

Carolyn McDaniel              Creator of Miracle Studio 369



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WELCOME- The welcome page is your landing page to Miracle Studio 369.   It welcomes you to our site and shares a small portion of what we believe is life changing content.  You be the judge.

WISDOM- On this page~       a few quotations from some of the worlds greatest thinkers.

DISCOVER YOUR PASSION- Discover what having passion is and how to recognize it in your own life. 

CONSCIOUS & CREATING-Learn what it is to be a conscious creator.

GETTING MOTIVATED-   Getting motivated sometimes involves a lot of heavy lifting. In response we have provided a motivational video and a link to our YOUTUBE channel. 

MEDITATION BASICS-        Our Meditation Basics page features a Candlelight meditational Video, a link to our Advanced meditation videos if you so choose and a link to our New Kundalini Yoga videos.  You will also find a link to a few Audio meditations utilizing the revolutionary SonicAid system.  

REJUVENATION-    Rejuvenation and relaxation go hand in hand on this page featuring a Sound of rain video by Aroma that encourage a beautiful mind and body as well as a few other surprises.


.Learn about ancient knowledge and Gnosis in the Ancient Knowledge Video series.(below)       

           Ancient Knowledge Pt1 ~Consciousness, Sacred Geometry, and Cymatics.    Ancient KnowledgePt2~    Fibonacci Sequence, Golden Ration Phi in nature, DNA, Fingerprint of God.                               Ancient Knowledge Pt 3~  Pyramids, Monuments, Magaliths and Ley lines.   Ancient Knowledge Pt 4~  The real secret of the buildig of the Pyramids and Coral Castle.                          Ancient Knowledge Pt 4.5~    Scientific and Historical misconceptions. The supression and manipulation of information.                  Gnosis Pt 5~                Ancient Knowledge

BLOGGING- Come read our blog: The Metal Library (link)


This is a page where we supply outside links to other likeminded companies and individuals who have expressed in interest in us spreading the word to further their efforts. Currently you will find links for Shift Ascension and Mind Accuracy.


A special message (video) created especially for Women.





the inner you.




Do you have a dream?

 "Our cells membrane receives information from our conciousness and writes our DNA code.

 For the 1st time in history science has proven that we can reprogram our  

DNA if we are dissatisfied with our  blueprint and broadcast a new message

about ourselves to the universe."

        Bruce Lipton PhD        





  We live in a world of potential ~  


Everything around us                     

                                                                                     is swirling                                            



                        that comes

   into being          

                                                           once it is                       










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